Can I Get A Weather Report?

Posted: July 6, 2011 in South Korea

I often get asked what the expectations are for weather here in South Korea and while I roughly expect it to be somewhere in the realm of what we experience back in Ohio, I am never really for certain.  If, in fact, the weather is anything like Ohio, it simply means that regardless of the season, I will find a way to complain about the weather extremes (see: Monsoon Season).  Again, you have to remember who is authoring these posts.  I simply don’t understand why everyone doesn’t live in San Diego for the climate alone.  Like people actually choose to live in Michigan? This is one aspect where evolution has failed the human race but that’s a different argument for a different day.

Today, thanks to the wonders of science and screen shots, I now have these useful little graphs to show the similarities between the climates of the two cities, compliments of, of course. Granted the charts are for Dayton and Seoul and not Huber Heights and Uijeongbu, but both cities are of a similar distance from their respective representations.  And hey, if it’s good enough for you fine folks than it’s good enough for me (Even if it’s not, at least I’m not charging for content?).

My apologies in advance to the color blind:

Average Monthly Highs

Average Monthly Lows

 [ didn’t have the chart to compare average monthly precipitation fall because it couldn’t compute the data for one or more of my locations — which I find to be astounding since we put men on the moon 42 years ago, allegedly — but trust me, Seoul would be represented by a giant parabola in June and July that would dwarf anything Dayton had to offer, although I realize those back home were hit pretty hard in April and May.]

As you can see from the charts, the average temperatures are nearly identical for the two cities meaning my quest to permanently escape the garbage that is midwestern weather has failed again.  I doubt these numbers account for wind chill and I now live in a bunch of mountains so it remains to be seen whether the geographic landscape here will have a positive or negative effect on the feel of the temperature and my overall mood.  Just realize that you can now take comfort in knowing that when you all are suffering this winter, I’ll be suffering right along with you.

Because if I weren’t suffering, you know I would rub it in all of your faces:

My Mom is SO proud right now.

  1. Your mother is always proud 🙂

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