Posted: July 22, 2011 in South Korea

The nickel shows disgustingly relative size.

Pictured above is a little treat I stumbled upon during the walk back to my barracks the other day during my lunch break.  And by stumbled upon I mean terrifyingly sidestepped in a cat-like reaction that would make Jackie Chan jealous.

Luckily for me, I discovered whatever it is right outside of the NCO barracks and not my own, just down hill from where I live.  Unfortunately this doesn’t make me feel all that comfortable simply because if I’ve learned anything from the Discovery Channel, when it comes to hideous creatures in far off lands: where there’s one, there’s 10 million.

If I ever have an unfortunate encounter with one of these gems in my own room living amongst me, my fellow soldiers will hear a grown man (the phrase  “grown man” used loosely in this case) scream at a pitch never before reached by a human male and I may just find it to be justifiable cause to go A.W.O.L.

(…just kidding, Sergeant…maybe…)

No word on whether this little guy is dangerous or poisonous.  Perhaps it’s a North Korean spy and actually just spreads Communism.

  1. This fear of bugs is no exaggeration. He used to sleep in our basement with a can of bug spray near by just in case.

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