A Missing Pennies Update #2

Posted: August 1, 2011 in South Korea

I don’t want to kick a dead horse regarding my silly battle with loose change but I felt it was only fair to South Korea that I post this one last update concerning the topic.  I recently went in to the Commissary to pick up an energy drink for the afternoon haul.  The total came to $1.52, displayed clearly on the LCD screen of the cash register.

“One dollar and fifty cents,” the cashier said.

I knew what I had heard but I simply assumed she misspoke and I handed her a crisp $1 dollar bill and 3 shiny quarters.  She tried handing one of the quarters back to me.

“No, one dollar and fifty cents,” she repeated.

I stared back, slightly confused, as I took my third quarter from the kind lady and watched as she rang up my total.  The display clearly read $1.52 as did the receipt I was given at the end of the transaction

And then it dawned on me.

Finally my day to be on the smiling side of this battle had come.

I left the Commissary sporting a grin that looked as if I’d just witnessed the birth of my first-born and imagining a bright halo of light engulfing me while Elton John’s “The Circle of Life” played in the background.

Editor’s Note: Yes, this charity is reflected in the overall total of lost income featured to my right, your left.

  1. Chris Condit says:

    I was telling my dad about this as he has been over to South Korea a time or two. Apparently they just don’t use pennies, period. Even though prices are set with pennies on them, etc… he said they just don’t use them for whatever reason.

    If you can figure out the reason to this, I’d sure be interested to know.

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