My First Round Of Golf In South Korea

Posted: August 9, 2011 in South Korea

Tee shot on #2.

Two weekends back I conquered the well-known disease laziness and made my way to Camp Casey for 9 holes on a rare sunny Saturday afternoon.  I hadn’t played golf since I played my final round of 2010 with friends, and former YMCA coworkers, Heidi and Chad (affectionately known as “Bubba”) last fall in Piqua, Ohio just prior to leaving for Basic Combat Training.  With no practice and just a short warm-up, I took to the par-32 Indianhead Golf Course on Camp Casey, South Korea, once named the best course in the Army.

Those of you familiar with the game of golf may question why a 9-hole course in the U.S. Army was a short par-32.  Much like most places in South Korea, large areas of flat land are a at premium and military posts must deal with those same constraints.  The MWR — the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation organization that operates Indianhead Golf Course and runs most Army leisure activities — does an excellent job managing limited resources and always finds a way to provide excellent, worthwhile programs and the Indianhead Golf Course is no different.  A par of 32 did little to detract from the overall quality of the golf course or the experience.  A mere $19 included 9 holes of golf, a Nike golf glove, 2 sleeves of Top Flight golf balls, rental clubs with a pull cart, and a small bucket of range balls; definitely maximizing the experience at minimal cost.

A view across the front and/or back nine with Korean apartments and the mountains off in the distance.

Unfortunately I shot a paltry 48, which I’m willing to chalk up to rust and the rental clubs I was forced to use (and perhaps the adult beverages we may or may not have purchased), but my overall game looked less like the Tiger Woods of old and more like the post-scandal Tiger; except, you know, without all of the girlfriends.  In all honesty and much like my final round of 2010, we were less concerned with final scores and more concerned with having a good time and with that in consideration, the round was a resounding success.

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