General Update

Posted: December 3, 2011 in The Blog

It has been an uncharacteristically long time since I’ve posted so I just wanted to update friends and family on how things are going.  I went from my Dad’s visit straight in to a mission where I was away from my normal habitat and essentially on call around the clock for nearly three weeks.  Add in the holidays and a generally busy schedule and time simply flies without me remembering to update this blog.

I’m doing well and am happy the winter is here if only for the fact that it means winter will be over sooner rather than later and each passing day is one day closer to warm (see: golfing) weather once again.  I plan to start a series of long-overdue posts this weekend chronicling Dad’s Korean vacation (the parts that I remember, anyways) that will probably be more pictures than words, a fact that likely disappoints very few of you.  I hope that my sedentary lifestyle that I’ll openly blame on the cold weather, but is in all actuality an equal product of my sheer laziness, will encourage me to update more as I embark on more adventures this holiday season.

To those of you who read this and actually know me, I appreciate your continued support from home — the first six months have flown by!  To those of you who read this and don’t actually know me, well you’re not missing much.   (But I do appreciate your interest!)


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