My First (And Maybe Only) Round Of Golf In Egypt

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Egypt

Back in August of 2011 I wrote about My First Round Of Golf In South Korea and back in June of 2012 I posted a picture on Facebook about my first round of golf in Texas, so I figured it was only right to do a similar service to my first round of golf in Egypt.


Last Friday, the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) program here at MFO South Camp, along with the British ex-patriots that work both MFO-related and non-MFO-related jobs in Sharm el-Sheikh, hosted a four-man golf scramble at the local Jolie Ville Resort.  The majority of teams consisted of three US Soldiers and one civilian counterpart familiar with the course, which gave us an opportunity to meet and mingle with some non-military English speakers.  The British civilian on our team — we’ll call him Charlie because, well, that’s his name — owns a local British style sports pub called The Tavern in the nearby resort area of Naama Bay, so we hit it off almost immediately.  What’s not to like about a British guy who shares my love for sports and beer and casually throws around the term “wanker”?

The golf outing was the first time any of us had left South Camp for recreational purposes, or anything other than mission for that matter, so it was nice to get out and swing a club.  We’re typically not allowed off of camp but we were given an exception for this nice event as long as proper accountability was maintained and some senior leadership was present.  This could have been the only opportunity for us to leave post or play a round of golf  so we were set out to enjoy the day, win or lose.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Charlie largely carried our team; however, I felt like I played alright myself considering I had not played a round of golf since mid-August and the clubs I used were a collection reminiscent of Happy Gilmore’s first set — the only thing missing were gym socks as club head covers and some vagrant as my caddie.


We shot a respectable-yet-disappointing 68 as a team (Par 72) and finished fourth overall — out of 16 teams — behind a winning score of 65 and two teams tied at 67.  I was hoping to take home some hardware after all the crap I talked during the weeks leading up to the outing but we were unable to win, place, or show and I had a disappointing showing on the closest-to-the-pin and long-drive holes.  Only small letdowns, however, on an otherwise beautiful and enjoyable (and potentially rare) day off of post.

And hey, it’s like they say: a bad day golfin’ is better than a good day at work!


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