The End

Posted: July 31, 2016 in The Army

This was originally posted on Facebook on January 7, 2015 but failed to make its way here.

1,512 days, 5 states, and 6 countries later, after 2 missed Christmases, 5 missed Thanksgivings, and countless other missed holidays, weddings, birthdays, and events, I drive off of Fort Hood as a Soldier for the last time today and in to the civilian world to start the next chapter of my life like Andy Dufresne leaving Shawshank. To all of my family, close friends, and Army comrades — there are too many of you to name or count but you know who you are — I cannot thank you enough for all of the support in every way possible over the past 4 years, I wouldn’t have made it without each and every one of you. And just like that, my service in the United States Army was over. #‎CantPlayPingPongNoMore‬ #‎SoIWentHome‬


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